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Your Top 3 IT Challenges


Efficient IT Management for High-Growth Startups

For high-growth and venture-backed startups expected to deliver results, day-to-day IT is not a priority. But if your team is constantly growing, you want new hire onboarding to be as slick as your innovations and your security to be rock solid. Our concierge service provides outsourced IT for all your needs, from procuring hardware and software to providing 24/7 support to making sure your IT is secure, and more.

Tina Techtitan
We’re adding 10 employees per month – both remote and on-site. My COO is handling IT and it’s taking way too much of her time.

Systems & Smiles

We can handle your IT, from A to Z, including zero-touch hardware purchasing, employee onboarding/offboarding, security, 24/7 support, and more.

Dudley Dealbig

I’m about to close new business with three Fortune 100 companies and need SOC 2 compliance certification to seal the deal!

Systems & Smiles

No worries, we’ve helped other high-growth startups navigate this. We’ll identify your security gaps and put all the required internal systems in place to set you up for success!


Streamlined SOC 2 and ISO 27001 for Startups

Enterprise deals need enterprise security so you need a trusted partner who not only has a track record but also can make the annoying audits and processes a breeze, including compliance certifications like SOC 2 or ISO 27001


App and File-Sharing Standards for High-Growth Startups

One of the biggest IT issues for high-growth startups is a lack of internal standards for apps and file-sharing platforms. You want your teams to work together but they’re all using different tools. You’re paying for them but don’t know what’s really being used or is best-in-class. We’ll sort you out with a workflow that not only leverages best practices but also works for the team.

Otis Operator

Marketing are on Slack, Sales use Gmail, and Finance prefer Outlook. File-sharing and communications are a mess.

Systems & Smiles

We can fix it! We’ll audit how you’re working, listen to the needs of all the teams, and recommend a streamlined and secure workflow.

What IT hassles keep you up at night?

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Our expertise in high-growth and venture-backed startups means that we can share relevant best practices and anticipate the IT needs you may not see coming.

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Our concierge IT not only covers all the basics, but also is tailored to your business – today and tomorrow.

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Our online concierge team can help your staff anywhere in the world, in any time zone 24/7/365. Onsite technicians can deliver projects across the UK & Ireland.

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S&S Systems:

Our solutions, rolled out in two phases, were game changers for a distributed workforce!. First, we consolidated disconnected platforms into Microsoft 365’s suite of apps. In Phase 2, new processes were designed for a 100% remote workforce in two countries. We automated and systematised all IT, from device purchasing to onboarding and offboarding.

S&S Smiles:

No more hassles keeping track of dispersed hardware.

Security risks of hardware floating around eliminated.

Expanded remote service to include localized repair options.

Cost and time savings.

S&S Systems:

Since innovation is foundational to our client’s business, they totally entrusted us to reimagine their IT from start to finish. We consolidated and streamlined systems, achieved cyber essentials certifications in 3 months, and implemented our zero-touch deployment of Macs and PCs, including architecture industry-specific software needs.

S&S Smiles:

No more friction and frustration, not to mention cost and time savings! IT went from being a nightmare to a dream – and now we’re working on an IT roadmap strategy to evaluate future hardware and software needs as well as optimize their IT infrastructure as they grow.

S&S Systems:

We automated and streamlined all things IT, from device purchasing and management to onboarding and offboarding to core app implementation (e.g., Google workspace, Slack, Vanta) and tackled SOC2 compliance from A to Z.

S&S Smiles:

Zero-touch Mac deployment is now a team crowd pleaser, not to mention the fancy IT and media kit we installed in their posh new offices that work seamlessly, especially during new business pitches! What’s more, no big brand prospect is off the table for our client now that their compliance issues are in-hand.