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Our subscription service is tailor-made for startups and growth companies in the lifestyle, creative, fashion, and software/media industries that struggle to get comprehensive IT support, especially for Apple devices. From everyday hardware to software and security, our proactive approach ensures that your IT evolves with your business while no penny is wasted.🚀

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IT Essentials

Whether your team is onsite, totally remote, or all over the world, you can hand off your day-to-day device and systems management to our gurus while you take care of business.

Your subscription includes all the IT basics: hardware, software, and support services, such as purchasing devices and installing apps, employee onboarding and offboarding, managing software licenses, and taking care of security and data protection.

Dave Designfield
We use Mac computers and creative software and can’t find IT people who really know Apple products.

Systems & Smiles

We’ve got you! We’re certified by Apple’s consultant network and can provide support on the spot or on the phone, wherever your team is.

Molly Movehouse

We’re growing at such a fast pace we need more space. Can you help us setup our new office network?

Systems & Smiles

Congratulations! We’ll coordinate suppliers so your broadband, WiFi and printers are installed and ready ahead of your move in date.


Custom Projects

Do your Fortune 500 clients require SOC2 or ISO 27001 security compliance? Are you a creative- or design-oriented firm that demands heavy-duty computing power and data transfer speeds? We’ll assess your challenges and deliver solutions tailored to your industry and business needs.


Strategic Consulting

When you’re preparing for that next-level leap, your IT plan has to be in lockstep with your business plan as you scale your workforce, prepare for a surge in consumer demand, face new security threats, and more. We’ll be your partner to set up your people and systems for success.

Gary Gogetter

I’m planning to double my workforce in the next 2 years. How do I manage the IT implications?

Systems & Smiles

From infrastructure to security to onboarding and device management, we’ll manage your IT so you can focus on your business.

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S&S by Industry

Our expertise extends to specific industries: we understand the software tools, security needs, and how IT can fuel your growth ambitions.









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Offload your IT worries in a no-risk, no-cost one hour session. We’ll listen, and then lay out a proactive approach to making your business hum. See how user-friendly we are!

S&S Systems:

Our solutions, rolled out in two phases, were game changers for a distributed workforce!. First, we consolidated disconnected platforms into Microsoft 365’s suite of apps. In Phase 2, new processes were designed for a 100% remote workforce in two countries. We automated and systematised all IT, from device purchasing to onboarding and offboarding.

S&S Smiles:

No more hassles keeping track of dispersed hardware.

Security risks of hardware floating around eliminated.

Expanded remote service to include localized repair options.

Cost and time savings.

S&S Systems:

Since innovation is foundational to our client’s business, they totally entrusted us to reimagine their IT from start to finish. We consolidated and streamlined systems, achieved cyber essentials certifications in 3 months, and implemented our zero-touch deployment of Macs and PCs, including architecture industry-specific software needs.

S&S Smiles:

No more friction and frustration, not to mention cost and time savings! IT went from being a nightmare to a dream – and now we’re working on an IT roadmap strategy to evaluate future hardware and software needs as well as optimize their IT infrastructure as they grow.

S&S Systems:

We automated and streamlined all things IT, from device purchasing and management to onboarding and offboarding to core app implementation (e.g., Google workspace, Slack, Vanta) and tackled SOC2 compliance from A to Z.

S&S Smiles:

Zero-touch Mac deployment is now a team crowd pleaser, not to mention the fancy IT and media kit we installed in their posh new offices that work seamlessly, especially during new business pitches! What’s more, no big brand prospect is off the table for our client now that their compliance issues are in-hand.