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The Smiles

We empower industries and communities to realise their promise by ensuring that their IT is always efficient, ready, and hassle-free.

Our Impact at a Glance

Client Impact

Industry Impact

With deep expertise in tech startups, lifestyle/wellness brands, and creative/marketing agencies, we tailor our services to your needs - from your people to processes to systems. We help improve companies workflows to amplify outcomes.

Seniors and smiles

Community Impact

We dedicate 5% of our time to community projects by helping seniors (and in the future, other groups like students) gain basic computer and Internet skills. Join one of our free workshops or become a volunteer. Be part of the journey of lifelong learning!

Planet Impact

We encourage reuse and repair because the most environmentally friendly device is one that’s kept in service longer! Purchase refurbished computers, donate old hardware, and recycle when repair isn’t viable to avoid e-waste.

S&S by Industry

Prioritizing key industries means we understand how you roll, the systems you rely on, and what IT you’ll need along your growth fast track.

Startups / Tech

Compliance is the #1 risk of high-growth startups because the large, corporate customers that will make or break your business will require that you meet rigorous Compliance standards. We can also take care of all the IT that has to scale as you do, from zero-touch hardware and software for new hires to security standards to infrastructure.

Lifestyle / Wellness

Customer data privacy and protection is the be-all and end-all for brands that are focused on scaling their customer bases. That means top-notch security that can work in the UK and around the world. CRM platforms like Hubspot or Salesforce are also business-critical to ensure you can efficiently manage and market to your customers.

Creative / Marketing

We deeply understand that you’re in the business of creating for and building relationships with your clients. You rely on industry-specific software tools like BIM Cloud (architecture firms) or Mailchimp (Marketing companies), and you demand efficient workflows for sharing creative work involving large storage and data transfer capabilities for creative files.

S&S in Action

How we delivered for clients in the real world.

Internet of Things (IoT) agency

Objective: Managing rapid employee and business growth, including the increasing compliance demands from large corporate clients, became a business imperative that couldn’t be handled in-house.

Commercial architecture firm

Objective: Fragmented, disconnected IT suppliers and poor support made our client mental, in addition to impeding productivity and wasting time and money.

Nutrition/healthcare company

Objective: Headaches with frequent employee onboarding and offboarding, as well as device management, were exacerbated by being an entirely distributed team.

We’ve got you covered

Mac and PC expertise, with a 10+ year track record

S&S for Seniors

Free Digital Life Skills Workshops

In partnership with non-profit organisations like Age UK, we host free online workshops for seniors to learn the basics of using websites, apps and social media. All you need is a device and an internet connection. We’ve had more than 3,000 participants and are expanding our program to include students!

Get involved

Get Involved

We invite clients, partners, students and people of any age to join our movement to help enhance the lives of seniors. Be a volunteer, a teacher, or let us know your thoughts on how to amplify our programs.

S&S for the Planet

Long gone are the days of your old tech kit ending up in a landfill. Reusing devices, donating them to charities, and handing them off to Apple or other partners for recycling are covered in our basic services. Do you have old tech hardware in your cupboards or storage bins? We’ll make a planet-friendly plan for you.

S&S Systems:

We automated and streamlined all things IT, from device purchasing and management to onboarding and offboarding to core app implementation (e.g., Google workspace, Slack, Vanta) and tackled SOC2 compliance from A to Z.

S&S Smiles:

Zero-touch Mac deployment is now a team crowd pleaser, not to mention the fancy IT and media kit we installed in their posh new offices that work seamlessly, especially during new business pitches! What’s more, no big brand prospect is off the table for our client now that their compliance issues are in-hand.

S&S Systems:

Since innovation is foundational to our client’s business, they totally entrusted us to reimagine their IT from start to finish. We consolidated and streamlined systems, achieved cyber essentials certifications in 3 months, and implemented our zero-touch deployment of Macs and PCs, including architecture industry-specific software needs.

S&S Smiles:

No more friction and frustration, not to mention cost and time savings! IT went from being a nightmare to a dream – and now we’re working on an IT roadmap strategy to evaluate future hardware and software needs as well as optimize their IT infrastructure as they grow.

S&S Systems:

Our solutions, rolled out in two phases, were game changers for a distributed workforce!. First, we consolidated disconnected platforms into Microsoft 365’s suite of apps. In Phase 2, new processes were designed for a 100% remote workforce in two countries. We automated and systematised all IT, from device purchasing to onboarding and offboarding.

S&S Smiles:

No more hassles keeping track of dispersed hardware.

Security risks of hardware floating around eliminated.

Expanded remote service to include localized repair options.

Cost and time savings.