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S&S Radio: Mission Transmission

I started sharing playlists featuring dance music from all over the world on our S&S website and more recently, on LinkedIn, which has perplexed a few people, so I thought I’d break it down for you. Truth be told, I’ve always been a big music fan who shares music I love to listen to. But at some point, as my business grew and the “why” of Systems & Smiles became an even bigger focus than the “what,” I realised that the connection between music and S&S was far bigger than what’s playing on my Spotify playlists.

Music bridges cultures and transcends barriers of all kinds (societal, economic, political, language…) A shared musical experience immediately becomes a common human experience, connecting people who might otherwise not share a bond or even a moment. This, in turn, shines a light on our shared humanity, helping foster inclusivity and understanding that bonds us as humans. The lines that separate the “us’es” and the “them’s” begin to fade to reveal a broader and more empathetic “we.”

Exploring music from cultures outside our own amplifies this sense of connectedness. Every piece of music blends melodies and beats, sharps and flats, choruses and bridges, and so much more. And yet when one plunges into an entirely new musical experience, the novel expressions (whether jarring or sublime) both heighten one’s awareness of difference and lure one into new sensations. Ultimately, whether one responds positively or not, the foray into a foreign experience offers an undeniable recognition of cultural insight.  


Since we share this sliver of time on our planet, understanding and reflecting on what we have in common and where our cultures differ is good for the world! Simply put, the power of music to connect, bridge divides, and even unite makes it arguably the purest force for good in a global society.

At a human level, Systems & Smiles believes that using our platforms to share music is just one small way we can amplify that force for good. MORE SMILES!  As a company with a team and clients dispersed all over the world, global music experiences reflect our commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and ideas. Particularly since our tech industry is not very diverse, we want to champion more women, people of colour, and a cross-section of age groups. Our inclusive approach to music celebrates our commitment to changing the face of IT!

But the S&S bond with music doesn’t end there. Technology – anchored by a single, global Internet and activated through a myriad of devices, apps, and other platforms – also is a shared experience that bridges geographic barriers. Like music, it evolves, advances, and meanders into unchartered territories. It’s never one, singular experience but rather, billions of interactions that can be shared one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. The result is a more connected world than ever before, as well as more opportunities for people and the planet to thrive.

S&S are doing just this with our outsourced 24/7 IT support services, albeit on a smaller scale. We can source, deliver, return and store computers and other devices, worldwide. We are the virtual, seamless connector for our clients’ teams. And like music DJs, who curate the world of music to suit a mood, theme, or genre, we curate and implement the tech tools companies need to power their people and their missions. These are THE SYSTEMS!

We’re especially obsessed with dance music because no business stands still and it’s the dynamic, innovative actions of the humans that keep professionals pumping! David Mancuso, the legendary DJ who pioneered the nightclub dance party scene in New York, understood the art of playing the perfect next song to capture the mood of the crowd, amplifying a sense of inclusion and connectedness.

Get nostalgic for a moment – go to Radiooooo, pick your favourite place and your era, and get in the groove of when you were lost in the music! Can you feel it?!?!? That’s what music does and that’s why we want to be the dance soundtrack for the world of IT!

Unlike music, however, there are economic and societal barriers preventing full access to technology and acquiring basic IT skills, so we extend our work beyond our core industries (startups, creative/marketing firms, and health/wellness companies) to include seniors – and in the future, other communities like students. Through our free online and in-person training programmes, we help senior citizens stay digitally connected through better use of mobile technology. To mitigate the harmful impacts of technology on the environment, we also reduce IT e-waste by championing and deploying device reuse, repair, recycling, and donation.

Music is a reflection of human creativity, facilitated by instruments and digital tools, to make amazing art that connects and celebrates our diverse yet shared experiences. At face value, the S&S obsession with music may seem random, but for us, it serves as a constant inspiration that fuels our mission to use technology as a connector and force multiplier for good in this world.

That’s a long way of explaining why music is the heartbeat of SYSTEMS & SMILES. Let the music play on and keep the world dancing to the beat of a better future together!


Tune in to S&S Radio’s weekly post on LinkedIn to add a global groove to your day! Look for new playlists every Friday.

S&S Systems:

Our solutions, rolled out in two phases, were game changers for a distributed workforce!. First, we consolidated disconnected platforms into Microsoft 365’s suite of apps. In Phase 2, new processes were designed for a 100% remote workforce in two countries. We automated and systematised all IT, from device purchasing to onboarding and offboarding.

S&S Smiles:

No more hassles keeping track of dispersed hardware.

Security risks of hardware floating around eliminated.

Expanded remote service to include localized repair options.

Cost and time savings.

S&S Systems:

Since innovation is foundational to our client’s business, they totally entrusted us to reimagine their IT from start to finish. We consolidated and streamlined systems, achieved cyber essentials certifications in 3 months, and implemented our zero-touch deployment of Macs and PCs, including architecture industry-specific software needs.

S&S Smiles:

No more friction and frustration, not to mention cost and time savings! IT went from being a nightmare to a dream – and now we’re working on an IT roadmap strategy to evaluate future hardware and software needs as well as optimize their IT infrastructure as they grow.

S&S Systems:

We automated and streamlined all things IT, from device purchasing and management to onboarding and offboarding to core app implementation (e.g., Google workspace, Slack, Vanta) and tackled SOC2 compliance from A to Z.

S&S Smiles:

Zero-touch Mac deployment is now a team crowd pleaser, not to mention the fancy IT and media kit we installed in their posh new offices that work seamlessly, especially during new business pitches! What’s more, no big brand prospect is off the table for our client now that their compliance issues are in-hand.